Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here are the helpful tips for red meats that I found while reading a recipe book.
  • Always choose lean cuts such as flank steak, round steak, pork tenderloin, or center loin
  • In general, the higher the grade of meat the more fat it contains
  • No matter what cut you use of red meat, the fat in it will mostly be saturated and will be turned into cholesterol by your body
  • Trim all visible fats fro all meats
  • Instead of gravy, try basting meats with broth, lemon juice, or cooking wine
  • Tomato products are also great alternative to gravies
  • In most marinades, 3/4 of the oil can be removed and replaced with fruit juice, wine, broth, or water
  • When possible, brown ground meat or stew meat under the broiler so much of the fat can drip away. Cook meat and roasts on a rack by broiling, roasting, baking, or grilling
  • We all eat too much meat. Reduce the size of the meat portion you eat and add more grains and vegetables to your diet
  • Replace bacon with imitation bacon bits
  • Sausage and many lunch meats are extremely high in fat and salt. Try turkey sausages and lunch meats or other low-fat varieties



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